Meet Our Team

From different backgrounds across the world, united by a common purpose to make food accessible across the continent, this unique team powers the operations and strategy of Grow For Me.

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Nana Prempeh
Chief Executive Officer

Nana is a high growth serial entrepreneur with experience in building businesses in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Ghana. Equipped with an Mphil and Bachelors in Agricultural Engineering, he oversees the vision, and implementation of GFMA.

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Lorraine Wright
Head of Sales

Serial entrepreneur with businesses in UK and Ghana. She is also a Director at a global financial services firm where she has spent 10 years working in digital project management and also holds an MBA from Oxford university.

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Deborah Monnie
Team/Offtaker Manager

Experienced in team management and coordination with an MBE in Technology Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship. Her passion lies in directing technology startups to create & capture value and scale to profitability. She oversees all GFM teams with focus on Offtakers.

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Francis Monnie
Chief Agronomist Officer

Proficient in handling agricultural issues and conducting research using engineering and technological principles, Francis is a large scale commercial farmer with expertise in soil analysis haven completed an Mphil and Bachelors in Agricultural Engineering. He is also a writer and an entrepreneur.

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Godfred Owusu
Chief Technology Officer

A passionate Entrepreneur, Technology and Agriculture Enthusiast, with over a decade of experience building technologies in all forms, He has built social impacting cutting-edge solutions in different sectors of the industry.

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Ganapathy Venkatchalam
International Trade

With over 17 years of experience in the field of Tech, finance and International Business Development. He also serves on the advisory board of the largest agro bank in India.

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Kwame Bekoe
Adviser and Shareholder

Kwame is an aviation executive specializing in sales and marketing of commercial aircraft. He combines his strong passion for agriculture with technical background, holding a Masters and Bachelors in Aerospace, to the applications of emerging technologies (Drones and Satelite imagery) to maximizing yields.

Team Members

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Edem Dzodzomenyo
Business Development Manager

Edem Dzodzomenyo has had experience working in human resources and also in the government sector. He last worked with a tech startup which focused on providing data science solutions to organisations in the public and private sector.

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Eli Senoo
Business Development Manager

Eli is a consummate Marketing and Business Development professional with a track record of excellence. He has worked to promote and enhance the market positioning and penetration of major International brands.

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Joseph Clottey
Agricultural Economist

With over 10 years experience in the field of agricultural research specifically value chain, sustainability, productivity and profitability.

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Senam Kofi Joy
Media and Marketing Head

Strong eye for modern design and careful consideration for simple, easy user experiences. An open mind, a patient, team-oriented, positive attitude, who has a knack for solving problems with a creative, adaptive mindset.

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Antoinette Brew-Wartemberg
Data Analyst

A software Engineering and Data Science student volunteering to assist in Data Analysis and Sales.

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Nana Yaa Ayim
Marketing Analyst

A writer and creative, interested in tech and assisting in social media management and content creation.


Our business model ensures we work with experienced farmers to promote scalability and profitability.

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